Kantri ry

Kantri ry

Kantri ry is a Finnish non-governmental association and a LAG (Local Action Group) operating at the rural areas of Tampere, Pirkkala, Lempäälä, Vesilahti, Nokia, Ylöjärvi and Kangasala.

Kantri ry was founded in 1997 for rural development of Tampere Region. From the beginning it has distributed financial aid for the grassroot level actions in rural areas. Kantri ry is currently implementing Leader -programme for years 2007 - 2013.

In overall, the area has more than 350 000 inhabitants, only 85 000 of them live at the rural areas, where Kantri ry operates. The population has grown rapidly in past years and is likely to increase in the future as well. The population growth creates pressure on the rural areas. Infrastructure investments and rural planning are required as well as of new citizens combine to the old village far away from the city life. The aim is to prevent the country side turning into a rural suburb or reservoir for country living.

The themes of the Kantri ry´s programme "Countryside for inhabitants" are:

  1. Environmentally friendly living
  2. Communality, local cultures and the youth
  3. Local services and products

During the previous Leader+ programme, Kantri ry had one international project concerning rural planning. English summary of the land use plan.

For the further information, please, contact us:

Kantri ry

Kari Kylkilahti, Executive Manager

PL 42


Phone: +358 400 707 1470

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